What happens when Christmas is under attack?

When a greedy toymaker stumbles across one of Santa's elves on Christmas Eve, he holds the elf hostage in a sinister attempt to overthrow the North Pole. Can Christmastown withstand the attack, or will it take a holiday miracle to stop the villain from going too far?

Brilliant, bewitching illustrations

Deliciously dark artwork on every page

Available in paperback & ebook

The Toymaker is available in paperback for $12.99 and ebook for only $2.99. Order now before Christmas to get the best deal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The official reading level of The Toymaker is ages 5 - 8. That said, many reviewers mention that this book is great for all ages. The vocabulary is extensive, which makes for a good challenge. It's also a good opportunity for parents who are reading together with their child to offer a learning experience and introduce some vocabulary.

Both paperback and ebook versions of The Toymaker are available exclusively on Amazon.

No worries! The Toymaker is available on most Amazon marketplaces—not just Amazon.com. It is also available on Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.au, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es, and more.

Even though The Toymaker eBook is available exclusively on Amazon, you don't need an Amazon Kindle to read it. You can download the Kindle App on your phone, iPad, or other tablet and access it just as easily. The app works on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

No, not real violence. Some of the humor includes cartoon violence, but it's nothing you wouldn’t see on Bugs Bunny.

Unfortunately, boxed sets are not currently available. We hope to offer this one day.

Yes, but D. Melhoff's public readings are often sporadic and unpublicized. There's a better chance of hearing him read on social media, so follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and anything else that pops up over the years.

The best way to help support The Toymaker is by leaving reviews and spreading the word on social media. Every review helps. If you're not camera shy, film a quick video review on your phone and send it to dmelhoff@gmail.com. We may feature it in future marketing.

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