Why restrict your love for horror to Halloween when there are so many other holidays in need of terror? Here are the top five reasons to get your friends/loved ones/Secret Santas a frightening novel this Xmas season.

  1. Books provide more hours of entertainment than 95% of gifts

    Of course, if you were thinking of putting a speedboat or a motor home under the tree, knock yourself out.

  1. Gift getters won’t have to put up with bad acting

    Most horror movies (especially the classics) are too cheesy to take seriously. If someone wants a really good scare, it’s better to let him or her imagine it themselves.

  1. Horror saves lives

    Do you have a gut feeling one of your friends would NOT do well in a zombie apocalypse? There’s no harm preparing them with a few cautionary tales in case the unthinkable occurs.

  1. Help someone burn calories and stay fit

    Who needs a Bowflex® or an AbMaster when horror is apparently proven to boost energy levels and give you a better grip on reality?

  1. Swap it for cash

    If no one at your gift exchange wants the book you brought, you can accept bribes to exchange it for your own prize plus a little extra to sweeten the deal. Earning money AND a good book? Double win.

Convinced? Perfect, and lucky for you—and your Christmas budget—Come Little Children is now available for $2.99 (ebook) or $9.99 (paperback) from Amazon through to the end of December.

Have a horrifying Christmas, everyone, and an alarming New Year.